to Heaven Land

Solanaverse for dreamers

Gravitational Tubus in Space

Heaven Land is a futuristic city built in a rotating gravitational cylinder in the Earth’s orbit. Negative surface curvature imparts Heaven Land citizens with other world experiences, and its location in space makes Heaven Land a true space gateway.

City topology of Future

How would you design a city if you could start from scratch? Heaven Land has onboarded a team of architects specializing in research of self-sustainable cities of the future. That’s why you cannot compare Heaven Land to anything you can find on Google Earth - such places don’t exist yet.


Heaven Land experience has been developed in Unity Engine. To bring Heaven Land to the most people in the shortest possible time, the first client will be a web client, and we’ll continually create other clients for Desktop, Mobile, ultimately leading to VR.


People will express themselves in Heaven Land through ownership - what you own defines you. Heaven Land uses Solana blockchain as the main backbone. You’ll be able to exchange tradables with others on existing Solana marketplaces. Still, an authentic in-game experience will emerge after Heaven Land’s economy and exchange with a native token will come to play.


Cooperation resides in the centre of Heaven Land philosophy because only through collaboration can we achieve great things.


When it comes to game development, we can think of only a few engines. Heaven Land has adapted Unity Engine.

Digital Eyes

Digital Eyes is one of the biggest NFT marketplaces in the Solana space. We are glad we can use their top-notch technological solution to allow you to exchange Hevan Land tradables.


This project has done a lot of work to enlighten the Solana NFT community about metaverse. Solamid's team is creating a pyramid building with 4914 apartments in Heaven Land, and each apartment has its owner.